Blessed are the peace makers - Matthew 5:9

This is a sermon by Rob Tearle from the evening service on 6th June 2021.

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Blessed are the peacemakers Matthew 5:9

Where are fighting for peace!

Environmentally? Socially and culturally? In ourselves?


What kind of peace is Jesus for?

We need more than a paper treaty!

1. Peacemakers: Born out of the blood of Christ!


Without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness – Hebrews 9:22


2. Peacemakers: Grown in Gods family!


“Children of God”

God: Perfectly pure and intimately personal

“Chips of the old block” – Children of God = Children of peace


3. Peacemakers: Make peace in Evangelism

Checking your spiritual timetable?


Church Unity

What you don’t do?

What you do?

Who are you moving towards?



No justice no peace?

Peace can mean personal pain



1. What peace causes are you drawn too?

2. How should we see the relationship between peace with God and peace in the world?

3. What strikes you about the peace treaty in Jesus’ blood? Why is it necessary?

4. How does this change us?

5. If peace is not simply the absence of conflict, what amazes you about our standing with God as his children?

6. Why should the church prioritize evangelism?

7. What have been some of your struggles with church unity? How might you the peace of God move you to respond?

8. Where might peace-making be sacrificial and painful for you? What steps can you take this week to bring about peace?

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