Why one and not the other? - Acts 12:1-24

This is a sermon by Scott McKay from the morning service on 7th February 2021.

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Acts 12:1-24 – Why one and not the other?


              Henry VIII’s Wives

              Herod’s of our time

Death of James (12:1-4)

              Self-exaltation always puts you in opposition to Christ-exaltation


              Opposition and suffering doesn’t mean you are unloved


Deliverance of Peter (12:5-19a)

The Lord brings glory to His name



Death of Herod (12:19b-24)

              The Lord takes Herod’s prize prisoner

              The Lord takes Herod’s life

              The Lord takes His word and multiplies it



How would you define or categorise a ‘winner’ and a ‘loser’? How would you go about evaluating whether you are winning or losing in life?

How is the hatred of the world towards Christians displayed in Acts 12? What does it teach us about the opposition we may face?

Why is it impossible for ‘self-exaltation’ and ‘Christ-exaltation’ to co-exist? Where do we observe this battle in the world, the church and in your life?

We are all ‘glory-seekers’ – the question is whose glory you are seeking? How does your life testify to the fact that you are living for the glory of God?

We must always interpret our circumstances by God’s love, not God’s love by our circumstances. Discuss and apply.

In Acts 12 how do we see Herod bringing glory to himself and how do we see the Lord bringing glory to Himself? What does this teach us?

How does this passage both challenge and encourage your prayer life?

How has Acts 12 increased your confidence in God’s sovereign control over all things?

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