Whose Conversion is it Anyway? - Acts 10:1-48

This is a sermon by Richard Hawes from the morning service on 24th January 2021.

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Acts 10: Who’s Conversion is it Anyway?


Introduction: ‘It’s like painting the Forth Bridge’



Unclean, Unclean! (10:1-2)




The Unclean’s Vision (10:3-8)




The Clean’s Vision (10:9-16)

1. God’s Sovereignty



2. God’s Gospel



3. God’s Forgiveness



Unclean House Guests? (10:17-23)



Clean House Guests? (10:24-33)



Gospel Proclaimed (10:34-43)



Two Conversions? (10:44-48)




If God lowered a sheet from heaven in front of you, what would yours contain? In other words who are the people or the places that you would personally consider ‘off limits’?

How will you engage with those people that you feel ‘threatened’ or ‘annoyed’ by?

We identified three implications from Peter’s vision: God’s Sovereignty, God’s Gospel and God’s forgiveness. How have these personally challenged or encouraged you?

Peter trusted God to go with Cornelius’ envoys to Caesarea. In what areas of your life should you be trusting God in spite of not understanding why you are in certain circumstances?

What were the key points to Peter’s Gospel presentation (10:24-43)? How is each one important to the message?

In what ways have you been astonished by what God has done in your life and ministry?

How were you challenged and encouraged by Peter’s example in this chapter – that our lives are a lifelong process – ‘Like painting the Forth Bridge’?

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