This is the way - Acts 9:1-31

This is a sermon by Scott McKay from the morning service on 10th January 2021.

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Acts 9:1-31 – This is the way




              Mandalorians – Codes and Creeds



The Persecutor is Converted (9:1-19)


  • The Persecution (v1-4)




  • The Conversion (v3-9)




  • The Commission (v15-16)




  • The Church (v10-19)




The Converted is Persecuted (9:19b-31)


  • Reversal of Roles (v19b-22)




  • Reversal of Status (v23-25)




  • Reversal of attitudes (v26-30)




  • Reversal of fears (v31)



What encouragement and comfort does it bring you to know that Christ has so united Himself to His people that an attack upon them is an attack upon Him?

What struck you about the ‘Driving Instructor’ and ‘Chauffeur’ illustration? Do you recognise that ‘handing over’ of control in your own life?

We are converted for a purpose – how are you prayerfully seeking the extension of Christ’s Lordship over your life? How are you practically seeking the advancement of Christ’s Lordship in the world?

How can we better encourage and support one another in making progress in our sanctification and growth in our service?

What will it look like for us to live out: ‘Christians – Together – Strong’?

What will it mean for you to answer to the ‘higher authority’?

What ‘claims on your life’ must you ‘cast off’ in order to pursue the purposes of Christ in your life?

What fears are dominating your life at the moment? What does it mean to live in ‘fear of the Lord and encouraged by the Holy Spirit’?





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