The Victor on the Throne - Revelation 5

This is a sermon from the morning service on 17th March 2024.

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Revelation 5 – The Victor on the Throne


‘To the one who is victorious I will…’ Did you hear those words and worry that won’t be you? Did you worry you don’t have enough in the tank to keep on going, to overcome, to be victorious? Revelation 5 lifts our eyes to the one who has been victorious.


1. Weep no more for the Lion has been victorious (vv. 1-5)


The scroll represents God’s plan for the judgment of his enemies and the salvation of his people (see chapter 6 & 7). The fact that no-one can open it is a tragedy. Life would be hopeless, purposeless, and pointless. However, Jesus, the Messiah, has been victorious with the result that he can open the scroll. His victory means he will come in judgment, bringing salvation.


2. Sing for the Lamb who was slain (vv. 6-10)


Where is Jesus? Not on the earth, not under it, not lost in the crowd in the heavens, but standing at the very centre of the throne.


What qualifies Jesus as worthy to open the scroll? The very fact that he has purchased a people for himself with his blood.


When we worry about whether or not we will be victorious, look to him the one who has triumphed and redeemed us by his blood.


3. Rejoice for he is worthy (vv. 11-14)


Think of the biggest celebration you’ve ever been a part of – that will be dwarfed by the celebration in heaven, on earth and under the earth of Jesus’ victory.


Questions for us: Do we ever worry we won’t be able to keep going in our Christian lives? Do we worry we will give up? Which of the letters to the seven churches made us most fearful that we will disqualify ourselves and not be victorious?

What does the scroll symbolise and why might John weep for fear it could not be opened? How should Jesus’ victory encourage us to keep running towards our own victory? How should the reality of Jesus’ victory spur us to consider our unbelieving friends?

Where is Jesus and why is that significant? What has qualified him to open the scroll? How should this assure us and spur us on to be victorious? We considered how ‘In the end every single one of us will fall down and worship Jesus.’ How can we grow in joyful praise as we wait for that day?

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