The fast and Loose Church of Thyatira - Revelation 2:18-29

This is a sermon from the morning service on 11th February 2024.

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Revelation 2:18-29 – The Fast and Loose Church



            Vegetarian or Flexitarian



What do we know about the city?



What do we know about the church? (2:19-20)


            It was an active church (v19)



            It was an affectionate church (v19)



            It was an ardent church (v19)



            It was an attested church (v19)



            It was an advancing church (v19)




            It was an avoiding church (v20)


                        Jezebel – Who was she?


                        Jezebel – What was she doing?


                        Jezebel or Jesus?



What do we know about Christ? (2:18 & 21-23)


            The piercing sight of Jesus – Eyes



            The punishing soles of Jesus – Feet



What do we know about those who overcome? (2:26-29)


            The promise of authority – rule with Christ



            The promise of the morning star – relationship with Christ





1) What encouragement can we take from the fact that Thyatira was a seemingly insignificant place? What lessons can we learn from the fact that even the church in Thyatira gets a spiritual examination from Jesus?

2) Examine and explore the three ways we make ourselves vulnerable to spiritual adultery. Where are we holding fast? Where might we be close to the line?

          i) When the desire to fit in with our culture becomes stronger than our desire to be faithful to Christ.

          ii) When we fail to rightly define sin because we fear drawing clear moral lines.

          iii) When we abandon absolute truth in favour of everyone has their own truth.

3) Why is ‘light flyweight Christianity’ so appealing to people?

4) Is there an area in your life–which seems maybe small or insignificant–perhaps it is doctrinal or practical, or on the border of sinful–and you aren’t paying attention to it?


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