The Compromising Church of Pergamum - Revelation 2:12-17

This is a sermon from the morning service on 4th February 2024.

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Revelation 2:12-17 – The Compromising Church





What do we know about the city?




What do we know about the church? (2:13-15)


            The circumstances of their faith (v13)




            The conviction of their faith (v13)




            The courage of their faith (v13)



            The compromise of their faith (v14-15)


What do we know about the call of Christ? (2:16)



What do we know about those who overcome? (2:17)




1) What comfort do you gain from the fact that Jesus knows the environment in which you live?

2) How often do you contemplate Christ’s pleasure in your faithfulness in difficult situations? What might such reflections do for you as a Christian?

3) When do we need courage? When and how is courage exercised?

4) How have you observed and experienced Satan’s two tactics? (Intimidation and enticement)

5) What did you think of the ship illustration? Are you taking on water through what you watch, read, listen to and play? What will you do about this?

6) What part will the promise for those who overcome play in your living a faithful Christian life? (Explore the hidden manna, the white stone, and the new name)

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