The Suffering Saints Church of Smyrna - Revelation 2:8-11

This is a sermon from the morning service on 28th January 2024.

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Revelation 2:8-11 – The Suffering Saints of Smyrna



            Practising a musical instrument


            What do we know about the city of Smyrna?



            What do we know about the church in Smyrna?



The form of the church’s suffering (2:8-10a)












The form of the Christ’s counsel (2:10)


            Don’t be fearful – Do be faithful


            The riches of Christ are greater than the riches of Rome (v9)




            The reach of Christ is more powerful than the reach of Rome (v10)




            The reward of Christ is better than the reward of Rome (v10-11)







1) What did you learn about the city of Smyrna and the church in Smyrna?

2) In what three areas were the Christians suffering? Think of specific examples both in the UK and around the world in these three areas.

3) When you are under pressure for your faith what is released from you?   

4) How do you measure wealth? How does the Lord measure wealth? How does the way you measure wealth and the way the Lord measures wealth compare?

5) How do the ‘crown of life’ and the ‘second death’ motivate you in living a faithful and fearless life?

6) “The prize outweighs the pressure if we had only persevered” – Discuss each component and its impact on you.

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