A Tale of Two Brothers - 1 John 3:11-24

This is a sermon from the morning service on 5th June 2022.

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A Tale of Two Brothers: 1 John 3:11-24


Intro: A ‘Super’ or a ‘Syndrome’?



The Hateful Brother (vv. 12-15)





The Loving Brother (vv. 16-18)



The Digestive System




The Reassured Brother (vv.19-24)



The Cardio-Vascular System




Questions: Do you think it’s helpful to keep going back to the ‘beginning’ why? Why not? How do you react to the Lord’s counsel when you’re ‘out of sorts with him’? How does knowing that ‘the World hates believers’ make you feel about your desire to ‘fit in with the World’ – What will you do different tomorrow? What do you think it means to ‘lay down your life for your brother’? What do you have that is precious and personally valued that you are reluctant to ‘set aside’? what is your spiritual digestive system looking like, how might you improve your diet? How is it reassuring ‘that God is greater than your heart, knowing everything’? How will this help with your doubts about God’s forgiveness and acceptance of you?

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