Signs of the End - Mark 13

This is a sermon from the evening service on 26th June 2022.

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Mark 13:1-37, “Signs of the End”


Many of us live our lives as if everything will always go on.

Jesus’ disciples doing their tourist act.

What Refers to What?

Does Jesus change topic? If so, when?
Shift between 31 and 32.

􀁸 Verse 30: “This generation will not pass away”
􀁸 Verse 32: “But about”. “That day”. “No one knows”
􀁸 Even clearer in Matthew’s gospel (and Jesus didn’t
mean something different just because Mark wrote it)

The Temple Will Fall within a Generation: Stand Firm!

When? Within a generation. What sign? Now then,…!

Verses 5-8: People hear the news, and think the end is near.

Verses 24-27: It’s actually Old Testament language. Like
Isaiah 13:10. Earth-shattering. Turn off the lights.

“End of the world as you know it”

Verse 26: Coming in the clouds? Going where? Daniel 7.

“You will see”? How will you see it? Heaven is too far away to
see. But you will see the effects (verse 27).

􀁸 It’s going to be tough
􀁸 God will be with you
􀁸 It won’t last forever.

So, if you’re hearing this:
􀁸 Get out
􀁸 Stand firm

Jesus Will Return and You Don’t Know When: Be Ready!

Verse 32: This day is different. Totally unexpected.

Ready all the time. Verse 34: Each person doing their job.



Life doesn’t “just go on”.

Two cosmic scale interruptions. If he was right about the
first, he’s right about the second.

So stand firm, keep watch, and be ready.

Questions to Reflect Further
􀁸 What features of your life do you treat as though they
will just always be there?
􀁸 If you knew Jesus was coming back in exactly one year,
how would that affect how you used that year? How
would you “get your affairs in order”?
􀁸 You don’t know that. You know that he is coming at an
hour you do not expect. How does that affect how you
use the next year?
􀁸 Are you ready for the return of Jesus? In what ways are
you ready, and in what ways do you not feel ready?
􀁸 How does this passage help you understand and pray
for the persecuted church in other parts of the world?

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