Conquering Canaan Not Moping in Moab - Joshua 1

This is a sermon by Richard Hawes from the morning service on 9th January 2022.

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Conquering Canaan Not Moping in Moab – Joshua 1


Introduction: Christmas Presents


Get the Situation (1:1)




Get Active (1:2-3)




Get Trusting (1:4-7a)





Get Obeying (1:7b-9)




Get Sharing (1:10-11)




Get United (1:12-15)




Get Committed (1:16-18)


QUESTIONS: As you read each passage section above – ask questions of the text: What does it say about God? What does it say about the people? What surprises you? What challenges you? What encourages you? Then use the questions below for each section to work out the implications for each passage and see how to apply them to yourself or the group.

1) How will seeing God in the Situation change things for you?

2) How do you plan to ‘Get Active’ in 2022 – where is the Spirit leading you?

3) In what areas of your life do struggle to Trust the Lord – how will you work on your ‘Trust issues’?

4) What will you do to ensure you’re ‘careful to Obey all the Law’, that is God’s Word?

5) In what areas can you develop your Sharing with both God’s people and the lost?

6) In what ways is it costing you to be united?

7) How are you being Committed to God and his people – what rebellious areas of your life need putting to death?  

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