The Anchored Christian - James 1:1-8

This is a sermon by Peter Birnie from the evening service on 12th September 2021.

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James 1 v 1-8 “The anchored Christian”

Intro: Definition of a Christian


“Genuine faith in Jesus Christ that will last forever will show itself in every area of a believer’s life.”


          1) There is no shortcut to Christian maturity (v1-4)


“Consider it pure joy my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds”



  • Without trials in a Christian’s life, there won’t be growth in Christlikeness.


What have the trials of Covid produced in you? Flowers of faith?




  • You will not meet a mature Christian who hasn’t persevered through many trials


Faith: We have to put our trust in what God says is true even when we can’t see it ourselves.  



          2) There is no substitute for Christian maturity (v4)


What would you say your greatest achievement is?

There is nothing in this room that can compare to Christ-glorifying Christian maturity.



Thinking properly (considering and counting) will allow a Christian to react with faith and perseverance when others might say;

 “Surely God can’t mean for me to be …”




The outcome of maturity is worth the trials.


          3) There is no way we are going to accept this unless we run to God for help (v5-8)


Category change; Mature or Immature to faithful or double-minded


We must go to the cross of Jesus Christ. The God of Calvary can be trusted.





1) How do we define ‘faith in Jesus Christ’? 2) What is the difference between ‘considering’ trials as pure joy and trying to pretend they are pure joy? 3) What has the trials of Covid produced in you and your church family? 4) What should the greatest ambition in our lives be? 5) Are there areas at the moment where you are thinking “Surely God can’t mean for me to be …”? 5) Is there a difference between being immature and being double-minded? 6) Why must we finish at the cross of Jesus Christ?  

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