Lunch with Levi - Luke 5:27-32

This is a sermon by Scott McKay from the morning service on 12th September 2021.

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Luke 5:27-32 – Lunch with Levi


            Party pooper


            Guest Lists


The Call to Follow (5:27-28)


            Who was Levi?



            Where was Levi?



            What becomes of Levi?




The Chance to Fellowship (5:29-30)





            Why did Levi leave everything?




The Charge to Repent (5:31-32)



            Are you sick or healthy?





            The “R” word we find hard to pronounce






Questions: What kind of people wouldn’t make it on to a guest list that you were in charge of? Why? Can you identify areas in your life where your sin is stopping you serve the plans and purposes of God? What changes how you seen in your life as Jesus called you out of sin and into His service? What does it entail when Jesus says to someone: “follow me”? How do “Duty” and “Delight” factor into your service of Jesus?  Why is repentance an unavoidable aspect of the Christian life? How would you explain repentance to someone?

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