Conflict and Salvation - Acts 15:1-35

This is a sermon by Richard Hawes from the morning service on 7th March 2021.

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Conflict and Salvation


Movie Night


Ruckus Rising (15:1-2a)



Resolution Sought (15:2b-4)



The Case Read (15:5-6)



The Witness of Experience (15:7-11)



The Witness of God’s Blessing (15:12)



The Witness of Scripture (15:13-18)



Resolution Revealed (15:19-21)



Representatives Appointed (15:22)



Written Letter (15:23-29)



Reception (15:30-35)



1) What do you think causes conflicts within the church?

2) What are we passionate about? What makes us glad?

3) What contribution do you bring to resolving conflicts?

4) How does Peter’s speech encourage you concerning how you are ‘saved’?

5) What examples do you have of witnessing God’s blessing in salvation?

6) How can we make it less difficult for people to turn to Christ?

7) What ‘compromises’ do you make to encourage the rest of the church family?

8) How does the teaching and the Preaching of God’s word encourage and make you rejoice?


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