Jesus Christ's Doppelganger - Acts 9:32-43

This is a sermon by Liam Hayward from the morning service on 17th January 2021.

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Acts 9:32-43
Jesus Christ’s Doppelganger






Present and Personal

“You’re always there!”



Ministering God’s presence




Powerful and Life-changing

Theology not therapy



What marks would you expect to see in an authentic Christ-like ministry? Were there any in the passage which stood out to you?

As we are largely restricted from being physically present in one another’s lives, in what ways can we engage in a Christ-like personal ministry?

In what ways does a Christ-like ministry display God’s own love for his people?

How would you evaluate whether your Christian relationships are both personal as well as present? How can we be living like this more in our homegroups?

In what ways are we tempted to minister to one another like a therapist instead of lived out theology? How can we guard against this?

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