Reviewing the flight manual - Acts 8:2-40

This is a sermon by Richard Hawes from the morning service on 6th December 2020.

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Acts Chapter 8: Reviewing the Flight Manual


Introduction: ‘Top Tips’ and ‘How to Books’


1) The Evangelist takes every opportunity (8:4-8)


2) The Evangelist speaks a better story (8:9-13)


3) The Evangelist joins his converts to the Church (8:14-17)


4) The Evangelist gets mixed results (8:18-24)


5) The Evangelist inspires others (8:25)


6) The Evangelist is obedient (8:26-30a)  


7) The Evangelist crosses cultures (8:27)


8) The Evangelist starts where people are at (8:30b-31; 8:34-35a)


9) The Evangelist’s witness is rooted in Scripture (8:32-33)


10) The Evangelist always brings it to Jesus (8:35b-36)


11) The Evangelist looks for a response (8:38-40)



1) Which of the above ‘Top Tips’ did you find the most helpful and encouraging? How will you try and work them into your witness over Christmas?

2) Which of the above ‘Top Tips’ do you find the most challenging to apply, how might you try and overcome your hesitancy?

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