Current sermon programme

This page lists the recent sermons we've heard at Christ Church Newland, and the ones that are coming up next. Christ Church Newland is part of the Christ Church Network in Hull, Click here to search the full sermon archive.

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Christ Church Newland morning service
Miscellaneous services 2021
Sep 5 The garment of humility 1 Peter 5:5-7 (SM)

Tea with teacher (Luke's Gospel)
Sep 12 Lunch with Levi Luke 5:27-32 (SM)
Sep 19 Supper at Simon?s Luke 7:36-50 (LH)
Sep 26 The Meal that Reveals Luke 9:10-17 (RH)
Oct 3 Welcome to the Feast! Luke 10:38-42 (RoT)
Oct 10 Best seat in the house Luke 14:1-14 (SM)
Oct 17 Staying with the short man Luke 19:1-10 (SM)
Oct 24 A meal to remember Luke 22:14-20 (LH)
Oct 31 On the road again Luke 24:13-35 (SM)
Nov 7 The Great Banquet Luke 14:15-24 (RH)

Nov 14 Overcoming Pride Luke 18:9-14 (LH)
Nov 21 Overcoming Bitterness Hebrews 12:14-15 (SM)
Nov 28 Materialism 1 Timothy 6:3-19
Dec 5 Loneliness Isaiah 42:1-9
Dec 12 Self-Esteem
Dec 19 Boredom

Christ Church Newland evening service
Miscellaneous services 2021
Sep 5 God has done everything Ephesians 4:7-13 (AL)

Sep 12 The Anchored Christian James 1:1-8 (PB)
Sep 19 A Good Education James 1:9-18 (SM)
Sep 26 Wielding the Word! James 1:19-27 (RoT)
Oct 3 Favouritism - What's the big deal? James 2:1-13 (LH)
Oct 10 Faithful faith James 2:14-26 (RH)
Oct 17 Taming the tongue James 3:1-12 (SM)
Oct 24 Two ways of wisdom James 3:13-18 (MT)
Oct 31 Choose your friends wisely (and humbly) James 4:1-1 (PB)
Nov 7 Don?t set yourself up as judge and jury James 4:11-12 (SM)
Nov 14 Life lived in God's will James 4:13-17 (SP)
Nov 21 Who is rich among you? James 5:1-6 (RH)
Nov 28 Basic Christianity James 5:7-12
Dec 5 Evening service James 5:13-20

Miscellaneous services 2021
Dec 12 Network Carol Service 1
Dec 19 Network Carol Service 2
Dec 26 No service