We seek to establish and nurture links with local sheltered and residential accommodation for the retired in order to run services and events at which we can share the good news of the Gospel in the most appropriate way.

We run a monthly event called 'The Oaks' with food for seniors to invite their friends to, with a variety of speakers and topics to help people think about faith.


We aim to make our services as accessible as possible in every way, whether through transport, hearing help or facilitating online access and recordings.

We run daytime Life Groups where we study the Bible and have fellowship together in order to grow.

We also run film mornings with discussions aimed to stimulate our thinking to relate the world we live in to the God we serve.

We care for those who are ill or bereaved through visits and phone calls, and signpost people to help that is beyond what we as a congregation can offer.


We aim to equip our seniors to reach their friends by looking at local groups for some of them to go to and offering training with intentionality.

We encourage people to make the most of our links with mission partners and ensure access to those resources for those who cannot attend regular groups.

For more information, contact Geoff Waring