International work


'The Hub' is a weekly social event for our international members to meet together for games, food and chat. This is a great opportunity for them to invite their non-believing friends along. We would then invite them to stay afterwards for a book group or an evangelistic Bible study. We also meet on a social level in homes and cafes to chat informally about life and the faith.


'The Word' is the internationals' time for teaching, prayer and worship through their own language and culture. We have a Bible study on Monday 2.30-4pm which is translated into Farsi. We also have a church service every Sunday 2.30-4pm which is led and translated by Kinyrwandan speakers. We provide a daytime 'International' homegroup on Thursdays studying the same material as the other homegroups but with care for language and cultural factors.



'Ends of the Earth' is the aspect of our International Committee responsible for overseeing, supporting and developing our overseas Mission Partners. Linked with this is our prayer meeting for the Muslim world, where we encourage our missionaries working amongst Muslims both in Hull and further afield. We also provide teaching and support for those wishing to engage in cross cultural/overseas mission.


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