Compassion Ministries



Based on Acts 4:32-35, the Compassion Ministries enable us all to demonstrate, in a practical way, how we can share God's love toward each other when we face personal difficulties. At some point in our lives we are all going to need a little help and as a fellowship we are there to support each other.Compassion Ministries


The Pantry holds a reserve of dried and tinned food, toiletries and household essentials generously donated by the fellowship for use by anyone who may have a need. The Family Fund has been created to meet a need of anyone in the fellowship in financial difficulties and has a wide-ranging remit on what it can support. The intention in creating this ‘emergency’ fund is to assist members of the fellowship who need urgent help because of a financial crisis in uncertain times. Great care is taken to make sure any recipients from this fund are treated with discretion.


The Compassion Ministries are an area of work that is being developed and our aim is to make sure that we try to follow in Christ’s footsteps by showing love and kindness to each other in practical ways.


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