Welcome to Christ Church Newland

Welcome to Christ Church Newland. We are an Anglican church in Hull with a lively multi-cultural congregation of all ages. We believe that the bible is the inspired word of God and we seek to live out our lives to His glory.

Our aim is to do this in three ways:

  • Finding those who need God, through evangelism
  • Feeding each other with the word of God, through worship and prayer
  • Sending people out to live under the Lordship of Christ at home, work, leisure or on the mission field.
Please come and join us!

What's on

Next Sunday's services
11am livestream: Who's Conversion is it Anyway? (Acts 10:1-48)

6.30pm Alive - Sunday Evening fellowship on Zoom (contact us to join)


Recent sermons

17 Jan amJesus Christ's DoppelgangerAct 9:32-43L Hayward
10 Jan amThis is the wayAct 9:1-31S McKay
13 Dec amMorning serviceHeb 2:5-18M Tinker
6 Dec amReviewing the flight manualAct 8:2-40R Hawes
29 Nov amCrew member downAct 7:1 - 8:1R Hawes
22 Nov amTechnical difficultiesAct 6:1-15S McKay